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The Culture Is Number One

I you will need to always loving Spain even from the moment I was born. I know that I have read a lot of history on the Spanish Armada, and I’m not entirely sure if that is what convinced me of the glory of old Espana. Whatever this case was, I do know that I was taken from a very young age by this very beautiful country.

I think what surprised me and excited me most about the Spanish Armada was the fact that this was a massive army of people bent on taking over one of the largest powers in the history of man, that being the British Empire. I don’t think anyone really should’ve met with the British because it was clear that they had made that great island their home for years, and there was no way that anyone was going to take away from that. But, I will admit that it was pretty clear that Prince Philip had no choice at that point and obviously did when he could for Spain. I would like to blame the Swiss in the whole affair, but of course it is tough to do that because of course they are just mercenaries, as they have always been.

Is this what the Spanish Armada looked like?

I rather wish they would have been one of those fantastic battle that everyone talks about when they talk about European history, but it was pretty clear that it fell out very quickly. There was very little to this particular battle, and what turned out was that the Spanish basically ended up starving themselves on the way up to England. Let’s remember that this was the time of airplanes or motors, and sailing a ship took a long time, especially when the wind was against you, which it was for the commanders of the Armada.

Still, that a story always strikes me as both an exercise encourage an exercise in total madness. But then, that is exactly what intrigues me about the Spanish culture in general: is so much joy, though much pain, and so much madness that is a wonder to the whole. My recent trip to Madrid have been fantastic. I intend to return very soon.

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