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More Great Spots in the United States to Travel to Areas



This spring float your boat in the Namekagon River, part of the 252-mile St. Croix National Scenic Riverway. Here you’ll paddle everything from tight, twisty swiftwater runs and narrow passages between steep sandy banks to lazy, meandering routes through glacier-sculptured forests and wetlands. The trip can be split into three sections: Namekagon Dam to Hayward Landing (33 miles, navigable only during the spring runoff); Hayward Landing to Trego (29 miles); and Trego to Riverside, below the confluence with the St. Croix River (40 miles). In high water, put in at

Some Really Cool Spots That I Found

Skiing the river trail near my New Hampshire home, I emerged from the cool shade of the pines into bright sunshine. The sun was pulling the white drifts back like a bedsheet, and the earth was rousing from a five-month slumber. I closed my eyes and turned my face toward the warm rays, smelled the brown earth where it lay exposed by the sun and caught the first whiff of spring. It was heavenly.

In the spring, there’s almost too much to do. Ski on sun-dappled corn snow or thread the needle down a boiling

Talking about Malaria

The FDA has since approved numerous antimalaria drugs. Many are not marketed here or are used here only for indications other than malaria.

Chloroquine remains the treatment of choice for patients with malaria caused by species still susceptible to the drug. Resistance to chloroquine is becoming more common, however, and alternative drugs are necessary.

In the United States, Barat says, oral quinine given together with either tetracycline or sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (Fansidar) is the best regimen for treatment of mild to moderate falciparum malaria acquired in areas where resistance to chloroquine has been identified. For patients with

Get Ready For Travel Challenges

Be advised that the medical systems of other countries are often very different than what we are accustomed to. Many countries have national health insurance plans and if you are not a citizen, you are expected to pay cash before services are rendered–even emergency services. This can result in delays or denials of the receipt of medical care. In some areas of the world, the medical care system is so primitive by Western standards that you would be safer to have some basic medicines with you and treat yourself rather than go to a local

Travel Agents Vs. Cyberbooking. Not Much Of A Debate

Is cyberbooking easier or cheaper than using a travel agent? I decided to find out. I chose two popular Web-based travel services: Expedia ( and Travelocity ( Then I called my AAA travel agent, whose no-frills service has served me well in the past.

The most appealing aspect of online trip planning is that the sites are always open (a big plus for me, since I tend to get most things done during unconventional hours). So instead of having to make all my arrangements between 9 and 5, I can wait until the kids are

Spanish Advertising Gets Racy

“The idea is the most important thing,” observes Maris Beltrametti, account director at TBWA/Guerrero & Cano, Barcelona. “If you have the money to do a great execution, so much the better. If you don’t, the idea is so clear that it doesn’t matter.”

An example of the success of simplicidas is this year’s Cannes Grand Prix award-winning spot. Created by Madrid agency Contrapunto for Television Espanol, the commercial shows the dangers of kids watching too much TV. A dog tries a number of tricks to lure its young master away from the TV. Unsuccessful, the

Checking In On Direct Mail In Spain

In Spain, with its 38 million population and 14 million households, direct response advertising has grown at a rapid pace in tune with the country’s speedy economic expansion since its entry to the EC in 1986. Since 1985 the medium has grown by approximately 30 percent to 35 percent and it is thought to account for 8 percent of the total amount spent on advertising.

Yet despite this growth, expenditure is still relatively low compared with other EC states, and because of a comparative shortage of figures and facilities, Spain presents a number of difficulties

Jesus Del Pozo – Master Of Fashion

Jesus del Pozo – literally “Jesus of the Well,” and it’s his real name, to boot – has been blessed in recent times.

In 1988, the designer was awarded the Cristobal Balenciaga Prize by the Spanish government as Best Spanish Designer of the Year.

Last summer, he was one of three designers selected by Gruppo Finanziaria Tessile to launch its Neomode line.

In his first season in the United States under GFT distribution, his line was sold to Bloomingdale’s, Bagutta and Riding High, New York; Jordan’s, Seattle; Number 5, Provincetown, Mass.; Fred Segal, Santa Monica,

Victorio & Lucchino Define Spanish Fashion

The spirit of romantic Spain is alive and well at Victorio & Lucchino.

While other designers lean toward the simple lines and fragile colors of Spain, Jose Victor Rodriguez (Victorio) and Jose Luis Medina (Lucchino) embrace the exuberance of bullfights and flamenco, gaining an interested following at home and abroad.

Winners of Spain’s highest fashion award, the Premio Balenciaga, in the category of best designer for 1990, they have also recently been chosen to create the uniforms for Expo ’92, the World Exposition to be held here next year.

Although they joined forces in 1975,

Modernism and Seville’s Expo ’92

The architects commissioned for Seville’s fair (the first universal exposition since Osaka’s in 1970) seem to concur that straightforward Modernism would be more resonant with the public than Post Modernism or Deconstructivism, the avantgarde movements of the intervening decades. This is not to say that Seville’s fair will be simply a rerun: High Tech, the Modern Movement’s godchild, will be a new (and lively) presence on the scene. It’s also a convenient mode for sponsors to affirm their faith in progress and foster good will among the millions visiting the fair.

Nicholas Grimshaw, a

Just Booked!

I have finally booked my trip to Barcelona for July 2 of this year. This is going to be absolutely fantastic. It has been a while since I have been to Spain, but I cherish my memories of it always. I am actually looking forward to the potential of going back for the running of the Bulls, which is taking place in Pamplona, of course.

I think most of although I am looking forward to getting out of this country, which is getting a little bit stale for me. I have always said that …