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Oh, so you have been enjoying this blog so much that you are curious as to who has been the mastermind behind it? Well it’s me, Greg.

I know that you’re not really supposed to put a picture of yourself on the web because you could end up getting stalked or something, but I don’t really mind. Life is been long enough for me and I frankly would invite the conflict. I work as an engineer at a local cement mixing company and I enjoy blogging about Spain. I haven’t done a lot of computer stuff in my life and I quite frankly enjoy the ability to express myself on things that matter the most to me, like Spain, Don Quixote, and other things.

But mostly, it’s about Spain.

If you need to get in touch with me for some reason then do so by contacting me at gray Terrapin domain. I try to get back to e-mails as fast as I can, but sometimes I slip up and things end up in my spam folder and I wonder exactly what happened when I look and see them a couple of weeks later. I know. It happens to all of us. But it seems to me like my junk folder is particularly aggressive when it comes to things that I actually probably want in the future. A while.

I’m glad you came to the site. Enjoy it. I know that I do.

That's Me!