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How to Stop Getting Jabbed in the Ribs

As we get older we start to realize how valuable sleep is. As children all we want to do is stay up late and we can?t wait to skip bedtime. Nap time can usually cause a war because no one wants to nap as a kid. We?re too busy and too interested in doing things. Nap time has become an obstacle and an inconvenience. As we get older we realize that wait; nap time was actually great! Let?s skip class and sleep in. 8:30am becomes obscenely early and it?s not tolerated. But there is also another thing that can follow us to adulthood chin-strapsthat is less than desirable and it only comes out when we sleep: snoring.

Snoring is not glamorous and it?s definitely not something you want to live with. While there are lifestyle changes that can be made to help people reduce their snoring these changes can take time to happen. People don?t snore because they want to; they snore because they can?t help it. More often than not snoring is caused by an obstruction to the airway. This can be caused when someone is sick or has allergies and their nasal passages become blocked. Snoring is also caused by the muscles in your mouth relaxing while you sleep which causes your tongue to fall into the back of your mouth and obstruct that airway. This is a far more common reason for snoring and it?s not easily fixable.

There are quite a few devices that are available on the market that target everything from nasal strips and cones to a brace to chin straps. While anti-snoring mouthpieces are a cut above the rest and are the ones who tend to deliver the best results, it?s interesting to take a look at some of the other devices out there.

One of the simpler and easier to maintain options available is to use a chin strap. These things are designed to wrap around your head, comfortably, and gently push your lower jaw forward to allow air into the airway of your mouth. The chin straps target the issue with over relaxed tongues but with a major flaw that you can find corrected with a mouthpiece: they don?t hold the tongue in place so it will still fall to the back of your throat.

That doesn?t mean chin straps are a complete bust, however. They are useful for those who cannot sleep with something in their mouths. Let?s face it: mouthpieces aren?t overly comfortable. The chin straps are easy to adjust and they don?t fall prey to the same sense of wear that a mouthpiece will. Since they aren?t being chomped on or drooled all over every night they can hold their own and they are easy to wash. Most of them can just be thrown in the washing machine.

While they may not completely annihilate snoring they do their best to reduce it, which is enough for some people. They don?t come without their host of concerns however and this is where the research portion comes in to play. If you decide to go with a chin strap you do not want to go with a cheap one. You want one made of quality fabrics with quality Velcro. If you cheap out you run the risk of the chin strap wearing out well before its time, the Velcro breaking and the possibility of the entire sling coming undone and wrapping itself around your neck. Anti-snoring devices are not without their danger and chin straps are no stranger to that.

So do your homework and ensure that whatever method you are going to use works for you and won?t let you down. No one wants to wake up to an elbow in the ribs.

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