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Dorotea Strikes Back!

Possessing a clear understanding of her partner’s subjectivities, Dorotea appeals to the traditional social codes of blood and lineage (Fernando is an Old Christian noble) in order to remind him of his social and religious obligations and to persuade him to fulfill them. She also employs legal codes pertaining to nobility and the male blood line to reassure him that her own lack of nobility–according to the traditional social structure and its discourses–cannot change or negate his nobility. In a typical performative move, however, Dorotea immediately displaces this argument (and her lack, both of nobility

How to Stop Getting Jabbed in the Ribs

As we get older we start to realize how valuable sleep is. As children all we want to do is stay up late and we can?t wait to skip bedtime. Nap time can usually cause a war because no one wants to nap as a kid. We?re too busy and too interested in doing things. Nap time has become an obstacle and an inconvenience. As we get older we realize that wait; nap time was actually great! Let?s skip class and sleep in. 8:30am becomes obscenely early and it?s not tolerated. But there is also …

No Prescription Required To Get Those Tags

drschollSince any one person can have anywhere from one to one hundred skin tags on their body at any given time it’s safe to assume that they aren’t really something people talk about. Those who suffer from skin tags generally keep that information to themselves as it can be a bit embarrassing for others to know. They like to crop up in the folds of skin like you’ll find in the neck and groin area as well as the armpits and sometimes near the eyes. As embarrassing as they may be, if you want to …